1. I don’t even know what happened,I just put on some electric wizard and put my pen to the paper,I really don’t know how I feel about this one. But yeah here’s what I did today….

  2. baileyarber:

    The other day.

    Stop being so damn beautiful! Haha

  3. Can we get married??

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  5. Tonight in the Bakersfield area my band #snide and I are playing a garage for 2 dollars,this is for a good cause too proceeds from the show go to st.judes children’s hospital. So come kill each other for the sick children out there.

  8. Thanks Manny for the awesome tattoo and good times. #sorrymom

  9. Finished a larger one. I want to do more of these!

  10. Been a while since I’ve taken a selfie so yeah here I am.