1. Tonight’s loner playlist

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    Remy Fox in Miami

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  6. No matter how shitty things get there are always two things I can rely on to help get me through hard times,my real friends and the good old iron. This is all I need to survive.

  7. I’ll be here all weekend if you want to meet up and hang DM me your number or just text me if you already have mine,let’s kick it!

  8. I’m gonna miss @yosupaaronheard way too damn much. Such a great time hanging with you man! See you in philly brotha

  9. Anyone in San Diego trying to hang out tonight? I was supposed to do a quick job there today but now I have to stay the night due to shitty communication as a always and work again in the morning. I’m kind of pissed about it because now I can’t party one last time with my dude @yosupaaronheard one last time before he leaves for philly.

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