2. I’d love to tattoo these this week,I have some time available,hit me up if you’re interested. Email me at dylantrudel@yahoo.com or just direct message me on Instagram.

  3. Fun little banger on my buddy Jeremy. Thanks man!

  4. Feels good to be painting again. Gonna try and knock out this entire sheet today

  5. Today’s little banger. Thank you @nicoxprime

  6. Extreme ritual of carnal pleasure breaking the chains of dignity. Human bodies become the temples of impurity,Embrace a shape of living blasphemy.

  7. Free show with a bunch of friends bands October 4th! Be there or be a fucking nerd.

  8. Tonight was a lot of fun! The skull and dagger are on a forearm and the executioner is on the back of the upper arm. Thank you so much guys!

  9. My legs and back disappointed me today so I put them through hell. Did some rack pulls for my lower back and some heavy power squats to punish my legs for failing me today in the squat rack. Just gotta keep on trying.

  10. A tribute to one of my favorite bands Disembodied. Thank you Manny for a great time!