1. A little painting before I head to the gym.

  2. Drone pedal jams.


  3. Women of ages 18-24

    Stop getting pregnant and or married. I swear it seems like everyone is trying to grow up too fast or something. Chances are you don’t have a career in line which means you and your child will struggle financially and will have to rely on your friends and family for support,another scenario being the father of your child and you will split up leaving you a young single mom,I’ve seen it all too many times before. There is a reason people wait to do these things,because it’s the appropriate time to do so. Stop trying to grow up so fast and enjoy your youth while you can.

    As for the men out there,I don’t care if it doesn’t feel as good,wear a god damn rubber or make her get on some form of birth control.

  4. Lazy day off.

  5. Every time I watch this film I feel more and more disgusted and upset,such horrible brain washing and corruption upon the helpless minds of young children. And people wonder why I have a huge distaste for religion. When and if I ever have children,they will be a free thinker just like their father.

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  7. On this day we lost a very special human being. One of the best somgwriters,a great guy,and on top of that a huge influence on me music,Rest in paradise Peter Steele,you may be gone, but never will you be forgotten.

  8. A real man cooks for his lady. Too bad I don’t have one haha.

  9. My beard is almost back to this length again. Going to keep letting it grow out til it’s down to the bottom of my neck

  10. Putting in work before I go to work.