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  2. Still a great album

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  5. I want them all to jump on me!

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  7. This could be us but you’re not here

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  8. Shirtless cooking tattdaddies,hire us for birthday parties and other events.

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  10. Today I did some speed training with some moderately heavy deadlifts (as seen in the photo) then hit a new PR of 325 slowly working my way to 4 plates but not rushing it whatsoever,the I proceeded to workout the rest of my back. Then proceeded to work on my legs where I did some pause squats at 225 8 reps x 4 sets,followed by a series of other leg based exercises and a trip on the stair master and now I feel like my ass is about to fall off. All in all today has started out pretty great. Fitness is not only a form of therapy for me but also a privilege and for that I am thankful.